Sunday, May 25, 2008

2nd hand Instocks!

Hi shoppers, this section includes 2nd hand stuffs and items sold are non-refundable.
If you want a better price, please email me. =)
Registered mail: $2.30 additional
Normal Postage: Heavy tops, Bags, dress, bottoms, jackets($2.60),
Light tops ($1.50) ,*will advise you in email*

Meet up fee $2 for west area. North Central $3, East $4

Preferred place is Bukitbatok or Boonlay mrt ($2).
*If I indicate *mailed*, it means including normal postage only.
Click to see the larger version of the pic. =)
P.s: Model is 168cm/48kg

Pinky Rosey shirt sold

Pink Ralph Lauren SOLD
Black shirt SOLD

SOLD Pink dress $8

Polo ralph $10 (authentic)
suitable for size s/m

White pokodot Dress
Suitable for size M-L

Pink spag $5

size: bust 34-36"

All the soft toys are with tags and they are collectables. It means if you keep and sell next time, you can catch a better price than this because these soft toys are not sold in stores !!

The price I am selling is definitely way lower!
So soft toys lovers... please shop and have fun... =))

Mickey Mouse w tag: $8

Big Head Hello Kitty $30

Big Head Tigger with tag $5

Big Kitty $40

Moshi Moshi! This is my first post and I wouldnt want to waste your time reading it. =)
Basically this blogshop is set up to do some social responsibility work while earning some small pocket money as well. =)
As we all know, humans are the main cause of pollution.
Commericalization and profits-making drive people to produce large amount of waste and hence causes many kinds of pollution; air,water,land, bla bla bla.

Well, the products I'm selling aim to reduce this problem !!
As I am one who loves shopping, buying cute stuffs and clothes on impulse and dumping them at a side later on...
I realize that this place might be the one where people can have a chance to purchase them at a low price.... instead of me dumping them to Garang Guni (they wont appreciate anyway)...

That would be a waste!!!

1) Not to worry, I will indicate stuffs that I've used before(i.e the condition and no. of times i've used)

2) For apparels wise, I've washed and checked them before selling, so dont worry!
I'm a very hygenic person !! =)

3) And good news, some clothes are not even worn before! I'll indicate as well!

4) I will be selling some other stuffs like keychains, necklaces, bags, etc...
Some are new and some are not. I'll indicate dont worry =)

*Some rules and regulations*
I am not responsible for any rashes or irritation of skin.
I will not refund money upon confirmation of order.
No exchange/refund of items.

will think of more soon...=p