Sunday, June 29, 2008


8th August: PG bags reached SG. Will be delivered to my house within these 2 days. =)
24july : PG received my payment and 30 bags will be on its way to SG... reaching in 10 days time. =)
there'll be around 20+ instocks for you guys.
By then, hope you guys will support and buy more!
The preorders arent going well. Instocks better yea ? =)
Updates!!! (17/7/2008) ORDERS FinaLiZed!!!
Payment to PG will be made by western union today or tomorrow!!
It will air flown to SG in 10-12 days after payment is made!!
Bringing in around 20 plus instocks of bag for students like you & me, as well as vintage lovers=))
Hello sweeties, i just sent the orders to PG.
Will be getting many instocks !!
So please put as your fav. and come back to check the latests bags okay.. =))
Status : 34/34

1. kitty - 27 pieces of bag as instocks.
2. Ann - #B8, (1 piece pink)
3. Ann's friend - #23 (2 pieces black)
4. Charlyn - #b3 (1 piece white)
5. Hongwei #B22 (1 piece white)
6.May - #B8 (1 piece black)
7.vannie - pink 1 piece (design not here)

PGBag SPREE ENDS on 11th july 2008.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Order Form + T & C

Hi sweeties, please fill up the order form (below) and i will get back to you asap =) thankie!


Email Address:

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